Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Gettin', It's Gettin', It's Gettin' Kinda Hectic

For truth, it's getting crazy here. We made one small change and it completely disrupted and changed EVERYTHING. My once idyllic, peaceful, leaf-on-the-wind (Firefly ref, if you didn't get it, we can't be friends) mornings are now like the morning show in the seventh circle of hell.

We got a puppy.

She's Satan's puppy, I shit you not. And because EVERYONE who has a two year old says "hey, you know what would make this better? A tiny animal who bites and pees all the time and cries more than a newborn baby. Lets get one!!"...I'm totally kidding, nobody says that. Ever.

 Except me.

I'm being melodramatic. She's a treasure. A sweet, tiny ball of energy named Tess (also referred to as Tiny Bone because she has a tiny chew bone and the Littlest Dude thinks that's her name). She's a Boykin spaniel (state dog of South Carolina, sorry Georgia, I still love you) and I'm sure once she grows up a little, she will be a boon companion. I'll post pictures of her as soon as she stops wiggling long enough so that she is more than just a tiny brown blur.

In other news, we will be harvesting chickens this weekend. Yes. That means what you think it means. I have this rooster who has crowed his way into my rage. He wakes early, even by rooster standards (3am!!!) and crows consistently once every 15 seconds or so. His over-zealousness and eagerness to greet the day has sealed his fate.

We are still working on fencing and general farminess. We are in talks with one another about the feasibility of getting a dairy cow instead of (or in addition to) a herd of goats. I dream of cows. And cheese. And butter. And yogurt. And cream. And some of those things you just can't do with goat milk. But a cow. That's something. I just don't know if I'm ready for that.

Also on the list of farminess upcoming, bees!! We're totally getting bees next year. As soon as we figure out whether or not Max is allergic. Rumor has it, I had a great-great-grandfather who died of a bee sting, so we need to rule it out. If anyone in my family reads this and corrobororate, holla.

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  1. So, so jealous of the bees. And the fact that you're ACTUALLY discussing the cow. Your farm has a tiny herd of goats. More jelly. Heritage breed hogs? I love y'all. I don't really KNOW y'all (yet)...But I love ya. You're a homeschooling mama.
    All of these are active in bad assery! <3 Glad I found you!