Saturday, May 3, 2014

What a Crock!!

Oh, Spring, you always get me. One day it's dreary, cold, and rainy, and the next SPRING! IN YOUR FACE! Before I even know it though, you're gone and its summer. One of the tragedies of living in the south I guess, the brevity of spring. When you're here, you are amazing, cool mornings, sunny afternoons, dogwoods and daffodils, but you are fleeting for sure.

Today was probably one of the last 75 degree days we'll have here for a while. We are expecting 90s all next week (I know, right? Back off summer!!) so I wanted to take full advantage of the spring-ish weather while I could and spent a lot of the day getting dirty. I lopped branches and raked mulch and pulled weeds and watered and walked around and looked at stuff. Lots of stuff here to look at. That's one of the best parts about moving to a new place in the spring, getting to see all the old landscaping and fruit trees come to life and surprise you. I have hostas I never suspected and some roses hidden away that I just found and hydrangeas that I thought for sure were dead as a doornail (what the hell is a doornail and why are they always referred to in that particular figure of speech? Anyone?). There are apples and pears and a fig tree that need love and oh oh oh the pecan trees!

Also, my garden is coming to life, but that's a post for a different day, after I have fully photo-documented all my tiny little sprouts. Because who doesn't love pictures of tiny, baby bean plants, am I right?

Also today, I scored the BEST FLEA MARKET FIND EVER. No seriously, look:

I'm not sure the year it was made, but it's an antique stoneware butter churn  crock, sans lid and paddle. I've wanted one of these for years and every time I see one, I covet the crap out of it. They are always way too expensive though. I've seen the anywhere from $60 or $70 all the way up to $150. Imagine my delight when the dude selling it let me have it for....$23.

I died.

Right there on the spot.

Now I just have it sitting on my living room floor so I can look at it and touch it when I walk by. I'm smitten.

It's been a good day, y'all, a really good day.

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