Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The State of Things and Stuff

A few updates:
  • I'm getting callouses on my hands.
  • I have ant bites all over my feet and ankles.
  • I have a farmer tan in the shape of a tank top.
  • I regularly pull dirt/leaves/straw from my hair.
  • My fingernails have permanent dirt under them.
  • By 8am every morning I've dealt with the feces of at least 3 different species of animal (not including my toddler)

It's starting to feel like a farm in the spring around here! We've still go so much to do to meet even half our goals for the year, though. We sat down to make a list of priorities a few days ago and it completely filled an entire sheet from a legal pad, three columns in my old man's very small print. It's ALMOST overwhelming, this task that we've set for ourselves. Almost. But I keep thinking about this time next year when we have our goats (or maybe our cow, shhhh don't tell B) and our beehives and our little duck pond. And we're drinking fresh milk and eating fresh butter on fresh bread with our own honey.

Just call me Ma Ingalls, right?

*Update on the dishcloth- still not done.
**Update on actually adding photos to this blog- my camera, she's broke. Until she's repaired, I'll leave you with this:

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